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August 13, 2017

MaxBounty : A bit controversial CPA Network (Review)

What is MaxBounty and how it works? 
MaxBounty is a Cost Per Acquisition affiliate marketing network that provides opportunities for remote workers and internet marketers to become affiliates for different companies. You receive commissions for Leads (every potential customer you bring to these companies) or Sales (every purchase they make).

Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), also known as Cost Per Action, is an online advertising pricing model where the advertiser pays to affiliates for a specified acquisition: a sale, click, form submit etc.

As for MaxBounty, it has a good range of offers and instruments yet limited referral program. You'll receive 5% of referred affiliate's earnings ONLY for the first year. Still, MaxBounty has exhaustive Infobase for their affiliates and nice support. 

How to work with MaxBounty?
Like with any other CPA network, you promote affiliate links through your website, blog, email marketing, search engines or social media. Nowadays you may achieve high level of conversion with Mobile traffic. Here's some of the offers (image is clickable):

As an example, we chose Scribd's offer which pays us 6$ every time someone completes trial sign up through our (clickable) affiliate link:

You can hide such links with your domain, URL Shortener or a Banner (like this one): 

 Register FREE on Scribd!

Payment Details 
Payment Methods : ACH, Check, PayPal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer, Bitcoin
Minimum Payout : 100$
Payment Frequency : Weekly (Net-15 for the first month)

MaxBounty scam or legit?
Almost every CPA Network is accused on Lead scrubbing and Commission shaving. MaxBounty is not an exception. Some people write about payment delays and fraud from the side of MaxBounty. Still, such comments are often accusations with zero proofs. 

As for other cons: 
-There were cases when affiliates couldn't transfer their earnings from Network to Payoneer MasterCard. 
- MaxBounty looks just greedy with their referral program.
- Also the Network has very poor range of adult offers.

On the other hand, there are tons of positive comments and reviews of this Network. Here's MaxBounty payment proof:

We recommend MaxBounty for diversification purposes, but definitely test it for yourself, cause what is bad for some people may be good for you.

 Register here!

Feel free to comment your thoughts or experience with MaxBounty. Your questions about it are also very welcomed!
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